The Whole School

joins in…. a day to remember

Even in smaller playgrounds

…. its lots of fun

What makes them fly

Make and Fly

in only one lesson

We have changed from double sided foam tape to specially made double sided tape sticks in order to move towards a much more eco friendly kite.

Making a kite gives you a sense of achievement!

Guaranteed to fly

Diamond kites are the best flyers, they fly the highest and they are the most stable kite design. In fact we guarantee our diamond kites will fly.

A fantastic confidence builder!

Everything in the box

 Kits contain EVERYTHING REQUIRED…. to build 20 kites in vibrant colours with coloured tails. These kits can be taken on school outings or camps and built outdoors.

Quick and simple kite kits for children 5-12

• Science
• Art, Design and Technology
• Multicultural Activities
• Physical Education

• Anniversaries and Fetes
• Sports Events
• Holiday Activities

Best Workshop Kite

Best Flying Workshop Kite I have seen – George Webster – International Kite Festival Commentator

60 five and six year olds all running and laughing

– every child managed to fly their kite.  One parent helper told me she was going to buy a kite so she and her daughter could do it again, but her daughter said “We’ve already got my one!”

The brownies made them yesterday in pouring rain

…. and they all turned out brilliantly

The best bit was......

….. that everything was in the one box, so I didn’t have to pack anything else – thank you so much

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