Healthy Living

Topics include:

  • Encouraging all children to feel confident on the playing field  

    “…a child will never want to play football if he doesn’t want to go on the playing field”

  • Encourage weekend activities with the children’s families
  • Healthy eating such as “Fruit flies but Hamburgers don’t!” –
  • Combine your kite day with a fruit day and encourage the children to bring some coloured fruit to match the bright colours of our kites.
    • Red – apples, strawberries, cherries, blood orange
    • Orange – orange, mango, pawpaw
    • Yellow – banana, apricot
    • Black – grapes, cherries, blackberries
    • Dark blue – berries
    • Turquoise – (this is a real challenge!)
    • Dark pink – plum, raspberries, pomegranate
    • Green – apple, pear, kiwi fruit
    • Purple – plum