Tips for a successful kite day

  • Combine your kite day with a fruit day and encourage the children to bring some coloured fruit to match the bright colours of our kites.
    • Red – apples, strawberries, cherries, blood orange
    • Orange – orange, mango, pawpaw
    • Yellow – banana, apricot
    • Black – grapes, cherries, blackberries
    • Dark blue – berries
    • Turquoise – (this is a real challenge!)
    • Dark pink – plum, raspberries, pomegranate
    • Green – apple, pear, kiwi fruit
    • Purple – plum
  • Involve parents and friends. Invite them to come and watch or join in, some may even like to purchase a kite from your school as a fund raiser.
  • Hold your kite day on a Friday so it will encourage the children to fly with their family on the weekend. 
    TOP TIP – Grandparents and Aunties and Uncles love it!
  • To publicize an event such as a fete, hold your kite day two weeks earlier. Invite the local newspaper to take photos, and also mention your coming event in their story.
  • Don’t worry about the weather. Our kites fly in everything except pouring rain and very strong winds. Some schools in Scotland held their kite day in the snow in January.
  • Take your left over sticky tape, a hole punch and a pair of scissors when you fly so you can make quick repairs and cut out tangles and re-tie kite lines if you need to..
  • Have a science lesson in the week before your kite day. 
  • Kites are a feature of almost every culture, old and new, from India and China to modern kite surfing. Why not combine kites with your multicultural activities program?
  • Practice tying knots in class the week before and set a weekend task of encouraging your children to have their family help them practice tying knots.