Topics include:


  • What makes the wind blow
    • High and low pressure areas
  • The strength of the wind
    • Gentle breeze through to hurricanes
    • How to build shelters from the wind that don’t blow down
  • The sound of the wind
    • Wind in the trees
      • Wind is not made by trees – the trees are blown by the wind
  • Musical instruments that use wind
    • Whistles
    • Trumpets
    • Reed instruments like clarinets and oboes
  • The direction of the wind
  • Seasons
  • Clouds
    • Cumulus -heaped clouds with flat bases and castle-like tops
    • Cumulonimbus -anvil-topped cumulus bringing thunder and rain
    • Cirrus -white feathery lines or bands at great height
    • Stratus -layer clouds usually smooth and dark
  • Fog
  • Rain, hail, sleet and snow
  • Forecasting
    • Using the clouds to forecast
    • Using the wind to forecast